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P. Nicolini, E. Guàrdia, M. Masia

Shortcomings of the standard Lennard–Jones dispersion term in water models, studied with force matching

Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 184111/1-5 (2013)


A. Henao, M.  Rovira-Esteva, A. Vispa, J. Ll. Tamarit,  , E. Guàrdia, L. C. Pardo

Insights into the determination of molecular structure from diffraction data using a Bayesian algorithm

Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 25, 454217/1-10 (2013)


C. Calero, J. Martí, E. Guàrdia, M. Masia

Characterization of the Methane-Graphene Hydrophobic Interaction in Aqueous Solution from ab initio Simulations

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 9, 5070-5075 (2013)


C.Calero, M.C.Gordillo and J.Martí,

Size effects on water adsorbed on hydrophobic probes at the nanometric scale

Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 214702 (2013)


J. Petersen, K.B. Moller, R. Rey and J.T. Hynes

Ultrafast librational relaxation of H2O in liquid water

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 117, 4541-4552 (2013)


M. C. Gordillo, J. Boronat,

Second layer of H2 and D2 adsorbed on grapheme

Physical Review B 87, 165403/1-165403/6(2013)


I.Beslic, L. Vranjes Markic, J. Casulleras, J. Boronat

Influence of the interaction potential on the D↓1 equation of state,

Journal of Low Temperature Physics 171, 436-442  (2013)


C. Carbonell-Coronado, F. de Soto, C. Cazorla, J. Boronat, M. C. Gordillo,

H2 physisorbed on graphane,
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 171, 619-625  (2013)


C. Cazorla, Y. Lutsyshyn, J. Boronat

Elastic constants of incommensurate solid 4He from diffusion Monte Carlo simulations

Physical Review B 87, 214522/1-214522/5  (2013)


M. C. Gordillo, J. Boronat

Phase diagrams of  4He on flat and curved environments

Journal of Low Temperature Physics 171, 606-612  (2013)


L. Vranjes Markic, J. Boronat

Two-dimensional spin-polarized hydrogen at zero temperature

Journal of Low Temperature Physics 171, 685-692  (2013)


I. Beslic, L. Vranjes Markic, J. Casulleras, J. Boronat,

Quantum Monte Carlo study of spin-polarized deuterium

Physical Review B 88, 024507/1-024507/10  (2013)


C. Carbonell-Coronado, F. De Soto, C. Cazorla, J. Boronat, M. C. Gordillo

Zero-temperature phase diagram of D2 physisorbed on graphane

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25, 445011/1-445011/6 (2013)


I.Beslic, L. Vranjes Markic, J. Boronat,

Spin-polarized hydrogen and its isotopes: A rich class of quantum phases (Review Article),

Journal of Low Temperature Physics 39, 857-873 (2013)


M. A. Garcia-March, B. Juliá-Díaz, G. E. Astrakharchik, Th. Busch, J. Boronat, A. Polls

Sharp crossover from composite fermionization to phase separation in microscopic mixtures of ultracold bosons

Physical Review A 88, 063604/1-063604/5  (2013)


C. Cazorla, J. Boronat

Possible superfluidity of molecular hydrogen in a two-dimensional crystal phase of sodium

Physical Review B 88, 224501/1-224501/6  (2013)


J. M.Marín, L. Vranjes Markic, J. Boronat

Spin-polarized hydrogen adsorbed on the surface of superfluid 4He

Journal of Chemical Physics  139, 224708/1-224708/6 (2013)


G. E. Astrakharchik, L. P. Pitaevskii

Lieb's soliton-like excitations in harmonic traps

European Physics Letters 102, 30004 (2013p>


G.E. Astrakharchik, K.V. Krutitsky, P. Navez

Phase diagram of quasi-two-dimensional bosons in laser speckle potential

Physical Review A 87, 061601(R) (2013)


G. E. Astrakharchik, I. Brouzos

Trapped one-dimensional ideal Fermi gas with a single impurity

Physical Review A 88, 021602(R) (2013)


H.A. Khater, A.Serra, R.C.Pond,

Atomic shearing and shuffling accompanying the motion of twinning disconnections in Zirconium

Philosophical Magazine, 93 ,1279-1298 (2013)


N. Anento, A. Serra,

Carbon-vacancy complexes as traps for self-interstitial clusters in Fe-C alloys

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 440, 236-242 (2013)


A. Serra, D.J.Bacon,

Atomic-level computer simulation of the interaction between 1/3 <11-20> {1-100} dislocations and 1/3 <11-20> interstitial loops in α-zirconium

Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 21, 045007 (2013)


R.C. Pond, J. P. Hirth, H.A.Khater, A.Serra,

Disconnection Motion in Low- and High-Angle Symmetrical Tilt Grain Boundaries in HCP Metal
Materials Science Forum, 753, 125-130 (2013)


A. Serra, D.J. Bacon, R.C. Pond,

A comment on B. Li, H. El Kadiri and M.F. Horstemeyer ‘Extended zonal dislocations mediating twinning in titanium’

Philosophical Magazine 93, 3495-3503 (2013)


A. Serra, D.J. Bacon, R.C. Pond,

Rejoinder to the response by B. Li [1] on our Comment [2] on the paper B. Li, H. El Kadiri and M.F. Horstemeyer ‘Extended zonal dislocations mediating twinning in titanium’

Philosophical Magazine  93, 3511-3514 (2013)


A. S. Mata, S. C. Ferreira, R. Pastor-Satorras

Effects of local population structure in a reaction-diffusion model of a contact process on metapopulation networks

Physical Review E 88, 042820 (2013).


M. Starnini, A. Machens, C. Cattuto,  A. Barrat, R. Pastor-Satorras

Immunization strategies for epidemic processes in time-varying contact networks

Journal of Theoretical Biology 337, 89-100 (2013)


M. Boguñá, C. Castellano, R. Pastor-Satorras

Nature of the epidemic threshold for the susceptible-infected-susceptible dynamics in networks

Physical Review Letters 111, 068701 (2013)


A.Baronchelli, R. Ferrer-i-Cancho, R. Pastor-Satorras, N. Chater, M. H. Christiansen

Networks in Cognitive Science

Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17, 348-360 (2013)


M. Starnini, R. Pastor-Satorras

Topological properties of a time-integrated activity driven network

Physical Review E 87, 062807 (2013)


M. Starnini, A. Baronchelli, R. Pastor-Satorras

Modeling human dynamics of face-to-face interaction networks

Physical Review Letters 110, 168701 (2013)


P. Moretti, S. Liu, C. Castellano, R. Pastor-Satorras

Mean-field analysis of the q-voter model on networks

Journal of Statistical Physics 151, 113-i130 (2013)


P. Moretti, A. Baronchelli, M. Starnini, R. Pastor-Satorras

Generalized voter-like models on heterogeneous networks.

In "Dynamics on and of Complex Networks, Vol. II: Applications to Time-Varying Dynamical Systems " Eds. A. Mukherjee, M. Choudhury, F. Peruani, N. Ganguly, and B. Mitra. Birkhauser Basel, Springer, Boston, pp. 285-300 (2013)


R. S. Sander, S. C. Ferreira, R. Pastor-Satorras

Absorbing state phase transitions with infinitely many absorbing states in complex networks

Physical Review E 87, 022820 (2013)


A. Baronchelli, N. Chater, M. H. Christiansen, R. Pastor-Satorras

Evolution in a changing environment

PLoS ONE 8, e52742 (2013)