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V. Bitrián

Estudio de modelos de ión polarizables para sales fundidas mediante dinámica molecular

PhD Thesis, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (2011)


V. Bitrián, O. Alcaraz, J. Trullàs

A polarizable ion model for the structure of molten CuI

Journal of Chemical Physics 134, 044501 (2011)


O. Alcaraz, V. Bitrián, J. Trullàs

The structure of molten AgCl, AgI and their eutectic mixture as studied by molecular dynamics simulations of polarizable ion model potentials

Journal of Chemical Physics 134, 014505 (2011)


P. Videla, J. Sala, J. Martí, E. Guàrdia, D. Laria

Aqueous electrolytes confined within functionalized silica nanopores

Journal of Chemical Physics 135, 104503/1-6 (2011)


D. Laage, G. Stirnemann,  F. Sterpone,  R. Rey, J. T. Hynes

Reorientation and Allied Dynamics in Water and Aqueous Solutions

Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 62, 395-416 (2011)


M.C. Gordillo, J. Martí

Wetting and prewetting of water on top of a single sheet of hexagonal boron nitride

Physical Review E 84, 011602/1-5 (2011)


J. Sala, E. Guàrdia, M. Masia

Improving the force matching algorithm: Application to a simple point charge flexible model of water

Computer Physics Communications 182, 1954-1957 (2011)


M. Canales, D. Aradilla, C. Aleman

Water Absorption in Polyaniline Emeraldine Base

Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 49, 1322-1331 (2011)


P. Stipanovic, L. Vranjes Markic, J. Boronat, B. Kezic

Ground state of small mixed helium and spin-polarized tritium clusters: a quantum Monte Carlo study

Journal of Chemical Physics 134, 054509 (2011)


G. E. Astrakharchik, M. D. Girardeau

Exact ground state properties of the one-dimensional Coulomb gas

Physical Review B 83, 153303 (2011)


G. E. Astrakharchik, K. V. Krutitsky

Condensate fraction in non-uniform systems

Physical Review A 84, 031604(R) (2011)


A. E. Golomedov, G. E. Astrakharchik, Y. E. Lozovik

Mesoscopic supersolid of dipoles in a trap

Physical Review A 84, 033615 (2011)


Y. Lutsyshyn, R. Rota, J. Boronat

On the stability of small vacancy clusters in solid 4He,

Journal of Low Temperature Physics 162, 455 (2011)


R. Rota, J. Boronat

Path integral Monte Carlo calculation of momentum distribution in solid 4He

Journal of Low Temperature Physics 162, 146 (2011)


M. C. Gordillo, C. Cazorla, J. Boronat

Supersolidity in quantum films adsorbed on graphene and graphite

Physical Review B 12, 1406(R) (2011)


E. Sola, J. Boronat

Solidification of small para-H2 clusters at zero temperature

Journal of Physical Chemistry A 115, 7071 (2011)


M. C. Gordillo, J. Boronat

Phase transitions of H2 adsorbed  on the surface of single carbon nanotubes

Physical Review B 84, 033406 (2011)


A. Macia, F. Mazzanti, J. Boronat, R. Zillich

Microscopic description of anisotropic low-density dipolar Bose gases in two dimensions

Physical Review A 84, 033625 (2011)


R. Sarjonen, M. Saarela, F. Mazzanti

Elementary excitations and universal interaction in Bose-Einstein condensates at large scattering lengths

Physical Review A 84, 041602 (2011)


R. Sarjonen, M. Saarela, F. Mazzanti

Scaling of the interaction in BECs at large scattering lengths

European Physics Journal D 65, 25 (2011)


D. Terentyev, N. Anento, A. Serra, V. Jansson, H. A. Khater, J. Bonny

Interaction of carbon with self-interstitial atom clusters in α-Fe studied using metallic-covalent interatomic potential

Journal of Nuclear Materials 408, 272–284 (2011)


N. de Diego, A. Serra, D. J. Bacon, Yu. N. Osetsky

On the structure and mobility of point defect clusters in alpha-zirconium: a comparison for two interatomic potential models

Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 19, 035003/1-11 (2011)


S. C. Ferreira, R. S. Ferreira, C. Castellano, R. Pastor-Satorras

Quasi-stationary simulations of the contact process on quenched networks

Physical Review E 84, 066102 (2011)


S. C. Ferreira, R. S. Ferreira, R. Pastor-Satorras

Quasi-stationary analysis of the contact process on annealed scale-free networks
Physical Review E 83, 066113 (2011)


A. Baronchelli, C. Castellano, R. Pastor-Satorras

Voter models on weighted networks

Physical Review E 83, 066117 (2011)


P. Moretti, A. Baronchelli, A. Barrat, R. Pastor-Satorras,

Complex networks and glassy dynamics: walks in the energy landscape

Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P03032 (2011)


C. Castellano and R. Pastor-Satorras

Irrelevance of information outflow in opinion dynamics models

Physical Review E 83, 016113 (2011)