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O. Alcaraz, J. Trullàs

The longitudinal optic-like mode in molten alkali halides: A molecular dynamics approximation to inelastic x-ray scattering experiments

Journal of Chemical Physics 132, 054503 (2010)


I. Skarmoutsos, E. Guàrdia

Effect of the local hydrogen bonding network on the reorientational and translational dynamics in supercritical water

Journal of Chemical Physics 132, 074502/1-10 (2010)


I. Skarmoutsos, E. Guàrdia, J. Samios

Hydrogen bond, electron donor acceptor dimer and residence dynamics in supercritical CO2 - ethanol mixtures and the effect of hydrogen bonding on single reorientational and translational dynamics. A molecular dynamics simulation study

Journal of Chemical Physics 133, 014504/1-13 (2010)


J. Martí, J. Sala, E. Guàrdia

Molecular dynamics simulations of water confined in graphene nanochannels: From ambient to supercritical environments

Journal of Molecular Liquids 153, 72-78 (2010)


M. C. Gordillo, J. Marti

Effect of surface roughness on the static and dynamic properties of water adsorbed on graphene

Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114, 4583-4589 (2010)


M. C. Gordillo, J. Marti

Water on graphene surfaces

Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 22, 284111 (2010)


R. Palomar, G. Sesé

Microscopic Dynamics of supercooled low weight alcohols

Journal of Chemical Physics 133, 0445017/1-7 (2010)


M. Canales, D. Curco, C. Aleman

Modeling of Amorphous Polyaniline Emeraldine Base

Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114, 9771-9777 (2010)


J. Sala, E. Guàrdia, J. Martí

Effects of concentration on structure, dielectric, and dynamic properties of aqueous NaCl solutions using a polarizable model

Journal of Chemical Physics 132, 214505/1-11 (2010)


J. Sala, E. Guàrdia, M. Masia

The polarizable point dipoles method with electrostatic damping: Implementation on a model system

Journal of Chemical Physics 133, 234101/1-14 (2010)


R. Rota, J. Casulleras, F. Mazzanti, J. Boronat

High-order time expansion path integral ground state

Physical Review E 81, 016707/1-016707/4 (2010)


G. E.Astrakharchik, J. Boronat, I. L. Kurbakov, Yu. E. Lozovik, F. Mazzanti

Low-dimensional weakly interacting Bose gases: Nonuniversal equations of state

Physical Review A 81, 013612/1-10 (2010)


Y. Lutsyshyn, C. Cazorla, J. Boronat

Instability of vacancy clusters in solid 4He

Journal of Low Temperature Physics 158, 608-614 (2010)


C. Cazorla, G. E. Astrakharchik, J. Casulleras, J. Boronat

Ground-state properties and superfluidity of two- and quasi-two dimensional solid 4He

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22, 165402/1-8 (2010)


Y. Lutsyshyn, C. Cazorla, G. E. Astrakharchik, J. Boronat,

Properties of vacancy formation in 4He hcp crystals at zero temperature and fixed pressure,

Physical Review B 82, 180506(R) (2010)


I. L. Kurbakov, Y. E. Lozovik, G. E. Astrakharchik, J. Boronat

Quasiequilibrium supersolid phase of a two-dimensional dipolar crystal

Physical Review B 82 014508/1-5 (2010)


M.D. Girardeau, G.E. Astrakharchik

Ground state of a mixture of two bosonic Calogero-Sutherland gases with strong odd-wave interspecies attraction,¡

Physical Review A 81, 043601 (2010)


M. D. Girardeau, G. E. Astrakharchik

Wave functions of the super-Tonks-Girardeau gas and the trapped one-dimensional hard-sphere Bose gas,

Physical Review A 81, 061601(R) (2010)


I. L. Kurbakov, Yu. E. Lozovik, G. E. Astrakharchik, J. Boronat

Quasiequilibrium supersolid phase of a two-dimensional dipolar crystal

Physical Review B 82, 014508 (2010)


M. C. Gordillo, J. Boronat

Phase diagram of H2 adsorbed on graphene

Physical Review B 81, 155435 (2010)


A. Serra, D.J. Bacon

Interaction of a moving {10-12} twin boundary with perfect dislocations and loops in an hcp metal

Philosophical Magazine 90, 845-861 (2010)


L. Malerba, M. C. Marinica, N. Anento, C. Björkas, H. Nguyen, C. Domain, F. Djurabekova, P. Olsson, K. Nordlund, A. Serra, D. Terentyev, F. Willaime, C.S. Becquart,

Comparison of empirical interatomic potentials for iron applied to radiation damage studies

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 406 (2010)


A.Serra, D.J. Bacon, R.C.Pond

Comment on "Atomic Shuffling Dominated Mechanism For Deformation Twinning In Magnesium”

Physical Review Letters, 104, 029603 (2010)


N. Anento, A Serra, Yu N Osetsky

Atomistic study of multimechanism diffusion byself-interstitial defects in α-Fe

Modelling Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng. 18 (2010)


D. Terentyev, X. He, A. Serra, J. Kuriplach

Structure and strength of <1 1 0> tilt grain boundaries in bcc Fe: An atomistic study

Comput. Mater. Sci. 49 (2010) 419-429


R. Pastor-Satorras, A. Vespignani

Complex networks patterns of complexity

Nature Physics 6, 480-481 (2010)


J. D. Bancal, R. Pastor-Satorras

Steady-state dynamics of the forest fire model on complex networks

European Physical Journal B 76, 109-121 ( 2010)


C. Castellan, R. Pastor-Satorras,

Thresholds for epidemic spreading in networks

Physical Review Letters 105, 218701 (2010).


A. Baronchelli,  R. Pastor-Satorras

Mean-field diffusive dynamics on weighted networks

Physical Review E 82, 011111 (2010)


A. Baronchelli, T. Gong, A. Puglisi, V. Loreto

Modeling the emergence of universality in color naming patterns

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of The United States of America 107, 2403-2407 (2010)