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V. Bitrián, J. Trullàs, Molecular
Dynamics Study of Polarization Effects on AgI
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112, 1718-1728 (2008)

V. Bitrián, J Trullàs
Polarization effects on the dielectric properties of molten AgI
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 98, 042006 (2008)

V. Bitrián, J. Trullàs, M. Silbert
Long-wavelength limit of the static structure factors for mixtures of two simple molten salts with a common ion and generalized Bhatia-Thornton formalism: Molecular dynamics study of molten mixture Ag(Br0.7I0.3)
Physica B 403, 4249-4258 (2008)

J. Sala, E. Guàrdia, J. Martí,
Supercritical water confined in carbon nanochannels
Proceedings of the 11th Eurpean Meeting on Supercrital Fluids, ISASF 2008, pag. 1-6 Eds. J. Veciana, L. F. Vega, N.Ventosa.

M. C. Gordillo, J. Martí
Structure of water adsorbed on a single graphene sheet
Physical Review B 78, 075432/1-5 (2008)

R. Palomar, G. Sesé
Study of spatial correlations in a supercooled molecular system
Journal of Chemical Physics 129, 064505 (2008)

R. Rey
Orientational order and rotational relaxation in the plastic crystal phase of tetrahedral molecules
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112, 344-357 (2008)

R. Rey
Thermodynamic state dependence of orientational order and rotational relaxation in carbon tetrachloride
Journal of Chemical Physics 129, 224509 (2008)

C. Alemán, C. A. Ferreira, J. Torras, A. Meneguzzi, M. Canales, M. A. S. Rodrigues and J. Casanovas
On the molecular properties of polyaniline: A comprehensive theoretical study
Polymer 49, 5169-5176 (2008)

J. Rodriguez, J. Martí, E. Guàrdia, D. Laria
Exploring the picosecond time domain of the solvation dynamics of coumarin 153 within β-cyclodextrins
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112, 8990 (2008)

M. Saarela, F. Mazzanti, V. Apaja,
Dynamic structure function of quantum bose systems; condensate fraction and momentum distribution
International Journal of Modern Physics B 22, 4327-4337 (2008)

F. Mazzanti, G. E. Astrakharchik, J. Boronat, J. Casulleras
Off-diagonal ground-state properties of a one-dimensional gas of Fermi hard rods
Physical Review A 77, 043632/1-7 (2008)

G. E. Astrakharchik, Y. E. Lozovik
Super-Tonks-Girardeau regime in trapped one-dimensional dipolar gases
Physical Review A 77, 013404/1-7 (2008)

I. Beslic, L. Vranjes Markic, J. Boronat
Quantum Monte Carlo study of small pure and mixed spin-polarized tritium clusters
Journal of Chemical Physics 128, 064302/1-6 (2008)

C. Cazorla, J. Boronat
Atomic kinetic energy, momentum distribution, and structure of solid neon at zero temperature
Physical Review B 77, 024310/1-8 (2008)

C. Cazorla, J. Boronat
Zero-temperature equation of state of solid He-4 at low and high pressures
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 20, 015223/1-8 (2008)

F. Mazzanti, G. E. Astrakharchik, J. Boronat, J.Casulleras
Ground-state properties of a one-dimensional system of hard rods
Physical Review Letters 100, 020401/1-4 (2008)

F. Caupin, J. Boronat, Ken H. Andersen
Static structure factor and static response function of superfluid Helium 4: a comparative analysis
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 152, 108-121 (2008)

C. Cazorla, J. Boronat
Two-dimensional molecular para-hydrogen and ortho-deuterium at zero temperature
Physical Review B 78, 134509/1-134509/11 (2008)

N. Anento, A. Serra
Interaction of a single interstitial atom with small clusters of self interstitials in α-Fe
J. Nucl. Mater. 372, 239–248 (2008)

S. Lartigue-Korinek, S. Hagege, C. Kisielowski and A.Serra
Disconnection arrays in a rhombohedral twin in α-alumina
Phil. Mag. 88, 1569-1579 (2008)

A. Serra, D. J. Baco
Atomic Simulation of Twin Boundaries in HCP Metals: Mobility and Defect Interaction
Proceedings of the MMM fourth international conference
Multiscale Materials Modelling, 27-31 October 2008, Tallahassee, USA (2008)

A. Baronchelli, M. Catanzaro, R. Pastor-Satorras
Bosonic reaction-diffusion processes on scale-free networks
Physical Review E 78, 016111/1-14 (2008)

A. Baronchelli, M. Catanzaro, R. Pastor-Satorras
Random walks on complex trees
Physical Review E 78, 011114/1-9 (2008)

C. Castellano, R. Pastor-Satorras
Routes to thermodynamic limit on scale-free networks
Physical Review Letters 100, 148701/1-4 (2008)

E. Farguell , F. Mazzanti, E. Gómez-Ramírez,
Boltzmann machines reduction by high-order decimation
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 19, 1816-1821 (2008)