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J. L. Gómez-Estévez
Thermodynamics and fluctuations from the McMillan-Mayer theory of solutions in the Grand Canonical Ensemble
Journal of Molecular Liquids 103-104, 249-259 (2003)


N. Anento, J. A. Padró, O. Alcaraz, J. Trullàs
Molecular dynamics simulations of collective motions in binary liquids
Molecular simulation 29, 373-384 (2003)


J. Trullàs, O. Alcaraz, L. E. Gonzalez, M. Silbert
Structure and dynamics of molten AgCl. The inclusion of induced polarization
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107, 282-290 (2003 )


J.A. Padró, J. Martí
An interpretation of the low-frequency spectrum of liquid water
Journal of Chemical Physics 118, 452-453 (2003)


 M.C. Gordillo, J. Martí
Water on the outside of carbon nanotube bundles
Physical Review B 67, 205425/1-4 (2003)


J. Martí, M.C. Gordillo
Structure and dynamics of liquid water adsorbed on the external walls of carbon nanotubes
Journal of Chemical Physics 119, 12540-12546 (2003)


J. Martí, F.S. Csajka
Flip-flop dynamics in a model lipid bilayer membrane
Europhysics Letters 61, 409-414 (2003)


M. Masia, R. Rey
Reaction rate theory approach to thermodynamic state dependence of hydration shelll exchange for Li+(aq)
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107, 2651-2659 (2003)


D. Spangberg, R. Rey, J.T. Hynes, K. Hermasson
The rate and mechanisms for water exchange around Li+(aq) from MD simulations
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107, 4470-4477 (2003)


M. Canales, G. Sesé
Influence of microscopic interactions on the spectra of polyacetylene
Journal of Chemical Physics 118, 4237-4244 (2003)


J. Boronat, J. Casulleras, V. Grau, E. Krotscheck, J. Springer
Effective mass of two-dimensional 3He
Physical Review Letters 91, 085302/1-4 (2003)


M. C. Gordillo, J. Boronat, J. Casulleras
H2 in the interstitial channels of nanotube bundles
Physical Review B 68, 125421/1-6 (2003)


 M.A. Puigví, Yu.N. Osetsky , A.Serra
Point-defect clusters and dislocation loops in bcc metals: continuum and atomistic study
Philosophical  Magazine A 83, 857-871 (2003).


A. Béré, A. Serra
Atomic structures of twin boundaries in GaN
Physical  Review B 68, 033305 (2003)


Yu.N. Osetsky, D.J. Bacon, A. Serra, B.N.Singh , S.I. Golubov
One-dimensional atomic transport by clusters of self-interstitial atoms in iron and copper
Philosophical  Magagazine A 83, 61-91 (2003)


J. Kioseoglou, A. Béré, G.P. Dimitrakopulos, A.Serra, G. Nouet , Ph. Konminou
Atomic structure and energy of junctions between inversion domain boundaries and stacking faults in wurtzite GaN
Physics Status Solidi C 0 nº7, 2464-2469 (2003)