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L.Saiz, J. A. Padró, E. Guàrdia
Structure and dynamics in liquid ethanol
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 101, 78-86 (1997)


J.A.Padró, L.Saiz, E.Guàrdia
Hydrogen bonding in liquid alcohols: a computer simulation study
Journal of Molecular Structure 416, 243-248 (1997)


M .Canales, J.A .Padró
Static and dynamic structure of liquid metals: role of the different parts of the interaction potential
Physical Review E 56, 1759-1764 (1997)


M.Canales, J.A.Padró
On the mode-coupling theory for the velocity autocorrelation functions of simple liquids
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 9, 11009-11021 (1997)


J. Boronat, J. Casulleras
Microscopic calculation of the phonon-roton branch in superfluid 4He
Europhysics Letters 38, 291-296 (1997)


J. Boronat, A. Polls, A. Fabrocini
Momentum distributions in 3He -4He liquid mixtures
Physical Review B 56, 11854-11864 (1997)


C. Tasseven, J. Trullàs, O.Alcaraz, M. Silbert, A.Giró
Static structure and ionic transport in molten AgBr and AgCl
Journal of Chemical Physics 106, 7286-7294 (1997)


J. Trullàs, J.A. Padró
Diffusive transport properties in monovalent and divalent metal-ion halides: a computer simulation study
Physical Review B 55, 12210-12217 (1997)


C. Tasseven , O. Alcaraz, J. Trullàs, M. Silbert, A. Giró
Integral equations calculations and computer simulations of the static structure and ionic transport in molten thallium halides
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 9, 11061-11075 (1997)


Yu. N. Osetsky, A. Serra
Study of Cu precipitates in a-iron by computer simulation: III Evolution of the vacancies within the precipitate
Philosofical Magazine A 75, 1097 (1997)


Yu. N. Osetsky, A. Serra
Simulation of vacancy and interstitial diffusion in iron.
Defects and diffusion forum 143-147, 155 (1997)


Yu. N. Osetsky, M. Victoria, A. Serra, S. I. Golubov, V. Priego.
Computer simulation of vacancy and interstitial clusters in BCC and Fcc metals
Journal of Nuclear Materials  251, 34-48 (1997)


B. N. Singh, S. I. Golubov, H. Trinkaus, A. Serra, Yu. N. Osetsky, A. V. Barashev.
Aspects of microstructure evolution under cascade damage conditions.
Journal of Nuclear Materials  251, 49 (1997)


T. Braisaz, P. Ruterana, G. Nouet, Ph. Komninou, Th. Kehaigas, Th. Karakostas, P. Poulopoulos, M. Aggelakeris, N. Flevaris, A. Serra
HREM study of ultra thin titanium films
Mat.Res.Soc. Symp. Proc. 472, 391 (1997)