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E. Guàrdia, J. A. Padró
Response to Comment on "Mean force potential for the calcium- chloride ion-pair in water"
Journal of Chemical Physics 102, 3485 (1995)


J. Martí, J. A. Padró, E. Guàrdia
Hydrogen bonding influence on the intermolecular vibrational spectra of liquid methanol
Journal of Molecular Liquids 64, 1-12 (1995)


J. Martí, J. A. Padró, E. Guàrdia
A molecular dynamics study of heavy water steam
Molecular Physics 86, 263-271 (1995)


G. Sesé, E. Guàrdia, J. A. Padró
Ionic association of Na+-Cl-, Na+-Na+, Cl--Cl- in methanol: Mean force potentials and friction kernels
Journal of Physical Chemistry 99, 12647-12654 (1995)


J. Boronat, J. Casulleras, J. Navarro
Equation of state of liquid 4He at positive and negative pressures
in "Condensed Matter Theories", ed. . M. Casas et al. ,
Nova Science, New York (1995), Vol. 10, pp. 45-58


J. Boronat, J. Casulleras, F. Dalfovo, S. Stringari, S. Moroni
Bounds for the phonon-roton dispersion in superfluid He
Physical Review B 52, 1236-1241 (1995)


J. Casulleras, J. Boronat
Unbiased estimators in quantum Monte Carlo methods: Application to liquid He
Physical Review B 52, 3654-3661 (1995)


A. Polls, F. Mazzanti, J. Boronat, F. Dalfovo, A. Fabrocini
Dynamic structure function of 3He-4He mixtures in the deep inelastic regime
 in "Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories", ed. E. Schachinger et al.
Plenum, New York (1995), pp. 101-107


C. Tasseven, M. Silbert, J. Trullàs
Static dielectric function of the molten copper halides
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 7, 8877 (1995)


 S. I. Golubov, Yu. N. Osetsky, A. Serra, A. V. Barashev
The evolution of Cu precipitates in binary Fe-Cu alloys during ageing and irradiation
Journal of Nuclear Materials 226, 252-255 (1995)


Yu. N. Osetsky, A. G. Mikhin, A. Serra
Study of Cu precipitates in a-iron by computer simulation: I Interatomic potentials and properties of Fe and Cu
Philosofical Magazine A 72, 361-381 (1995)


A. Serra, D. J. Bacon
Computer simulation of screw dislocation interactions with twin boundaries in h. c. p. metals
Acta Metallurgica and Materialia 43, 4465-4481 (1995)


R. C. Pond, D. J. Bacon, A. Serra
Interfacial structure of (10-11) twins and twinning dislocations in titanium
Philosofical Magazine Letters 71, 275-284 (1995)