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 J. Trullàs, A. Giró, J. A. Padró, M. Silbert
Charge ordering and size effects in the sodium chloride and copper chloride melts. A computer simulation study
Physica A 171, 384-402 (1991)


J. A. Padró, J. Trullàs, G. Sesé
Computer simulation study of the dynamic cross-correlations in liquids
Molecular Physics 72, 1035-49 (1991)


E. Guàrdia, R. Rey, J. A. Padró
Potential of mean force by constrained molecular dynamics: a sodium chloride ion-pair in water
Chemical Physics 155, 187-195 (1991)


E. Guàrdia, R. Rey, J. A. Padró
Na+-Na+ and Cl--Cl- ion pairs in water: mean force potential by constrained molecular dynamics
Journal of Chemical Physics 95, 2823-31 (1991)


M. Canales, J. A. Padró
Computer simulation study of relative diffusion in simple liquids
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 3, 7945-55 (1991)


J. Casulleras, E. Guàrdia
Computer simulation of liquid methanol. I. Molecular dynamics on a supernode transputer array
Molecular Simulation 7, 155-169 (1991)


A. Polls, J. Boronat, A. Ramos, W. H. Dickhoff
Short range correlations in nuclear matter at equilibrium
in "Particle Correlations and Interferometry in Nuclear Collisions" ed. D. Ardouin
World Scientific, Singapore (1991) pp. 316-328


R. C. Pond, D. J. Bacon, A. Serra, A. P. Sutton
The crystallography and atomic structure of line defects in twin boundaries in h. c. p. metals
Metallurgical Transactions A 22, 1185-1196 (1991)


A. Serra, D. J. Bacon
Computer simulation of twinning dislocations in Magnisium using a many-body potential
Philosofical Magazine A 63, 1001-1012 (1991)


A. Serra, R. C. Pond, D. J. Bacon

Computer simulation of the structure and mobility of twinning dislocations in h. c. p. metals

Acta Metallurgica and Materialia


, 1469-1480 (1991)