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Elvira Guardia's Homepage

Name Elvira Guàrdia

Departament de Física i Enginyeria Nuclear

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Edifici B4-B5, Campus Nord

JordiGirona 1-3

08034 Barcelona


Telephone +34 934017288


 Current Research
  • Ion pair association and solvation dynamics in ionic solutions
    • Obtention of mean force potentials and transmission coefficients from constrained molecular dynamics
    • Determination of residence times of solvent molecules
    • Analysis of the dynamics of solvation shell molecules
    • Solvents: water, acetonitrile, amides, alcohols
  • Dynamics in hydrogen bonded liquids (water and alcohols)
    • Study of hydrogen bonding (statistics and lifetimes)
    • Obtention of infrared spectra and dielectric properties
    • Analysis of single particle and collective dynamics
    • Water under extreme conditions (high pressure, supercritical)




Condensed Matter Physics  (Master)